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     Sound vibration affects the resonant fields of intercellular processes of the body, even down into the atomic and sub-atomic realms. Using awareness, intention and the sound of the voice, it is possible to affect any level of manifest creation.

Thus, healing with sound involves the expression of consciousness (awareness) with Love (intention) through the agency of sound (music.)

This has proved to be remarkably effective with cancer, AIDS, stroke and depression amongst others. I believe Sound to be the cutting edge of the medicine of the future.

All my sound healing work begins with a full-body warm-up.

I work with Sound in a variety of ways:

 Solo Singing for Individuals.

After warming up, I visualize myself as a vessel prepared to receive a song. I evoke the universe, the powers of love, set my intention as health and wholeness for the patient as well as for myself, and then listen for the first sounds in my mind’s ear.

When I hear them, I sing what I hear and then simply follow wherever they go. Soon the song is singing me – my mind gets completely out of the way.

I sing for up to one-half hour while the patient sits or lies comfortably in the room. At the end, I transmit the considerable energy generated to be used for the good of all beings.

This technique has also been used in collaboration with Claudia Walker, singer; Kaila Flexer, violinist; and artist Deborah Koff-Chapin. The energy, we have found, is enhanced by the collaborative process.

 Ensemble Improvisations:

This is my favorite thing to do in the world! A group of people warm up together, listen for their first sounds and allow them to emerge. Often, there is release and cacophony at first, which mellows after awhile into intimate listening and response. There is magic in this process as individuals entrain to the group rhythm and song, and the result is profound bonding and glorious, compositional music. Coupled with the intention for healing, the songs create an energy field that hums with power.


Talk Story:

This therapeutic and theatrical form evolved from the Movement work, and involves speaking from the deep state of balance achieved by the end of a movement session. It is like dreaming out loud.

We watch the images float across our consciousness and then speak what we see, while dancing. We follow as the story unfolds from the initial complex of pictures and feelings, telling it as we dance. What inevitably emerges is a deep realization about some core issue in our lives.