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Dancing photos by Catherine Allport

he human body in motion is a microcosm of the universe in motion. Moving the body through space – dancing - is therefore a profound vehicle for understanding the consciousness of the universe, as well as our own.

This technique uses improvisation to encourage the healing process, to balance the energies of body, mind and spirit and to provide one way of seeing the larger workings of the world.

Energetic balance of the body, mind and spirit constitutes health, wholeness and an experience of holiness.

Physical, emotional or psychological imbalance often causes illness, and most illnesses may be seen as signals for change in our lives. Our dilemmas may be viewed, then, as opportnities for transformation. How can we do this?

MOVEMENT AS METAPHOR uses improvised dancing and singing to address energetic imbalance. Starting with a full-body warm-up to create a state of relaxed concentration, we then focus on areas of congestion in the body as we dance. Muscles relax, unconscious material rises to the surface and the mind begins to clear.

This technique works simultaneously as good exercise, a healing mode, meditative practice, an art form and a vehicle for transformation. It is accessible to people of all ages and in any physical condition as a form of release, new awareness, a sense of deep integration and most of all, the pleasure of artistic creation.


Mask Making Workshops with Sharon Strong

In these workshops each person creates a personal mask which reaches down beneath the public face into the depths of the truest self, and then wears it to perform the ancient ritual of dance. In a safe community, our masks reveal who we truly are, and who we are in the process of becoming.


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