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Creation Myths From Around the World:
Seeking the Indigenous Sources

(in collaboration with Adrienne Robinson)

We have chosen creation stories from sixteen different cultures around the world, and have retold them from the indigenous perspective. We have created three-dimensional artworks using wire, cloth, paper, natural objects, etc, for each story. Our purpose was to suggest that creation is ongoing rather than a one-time event.

This exhibit has appeared in museums, galleries, churches and schools. Eventually we would like to publish it as a book with teaching aids.

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Life Post-Mortem

Accounts of the afterlife by people long gone may seem by definition, impossible, yet a few exist.

Here, eight dead people - including Arthur Conan Doyle and T.E. Lawrence - tell us what 'life' is like on the other side.

However skeptical you may be about channelled material, give this a try. To me it rang true when I read the above books.

What follows is an imaginary conversation between myself and these eight long-gone men and women. Each person speaks in his or her own words.

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Psalm 150, updated

A contemporary Psalm 150.