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1972, re-published in 2006 as
A Novel of India

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This novel revolves around the story of an impoverished servant family in Northern India, and the sublime music that comes out of the same culture. The reader is immersed in the heat and squalor of the Ganges plain and in an extraordinary all-night concert; above all, we are immersed in the Eastern world view, wherein death and life are part of the same Whole.


Memoir as Metaphor

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Using the Chakra System as a framework, this novel is a telling of seven stories that reflect the quality and function of each of the energy centers of the body. Physical survival, sexual attraction, transformation, bonding, communication, understanding and finally spiritual vision are explored metaphorically in seven stories.

The stories are but seven movements of a single song – a single life – and like everyone’s stories, they resonate to the ultimate sound of the cosmos.

Living Fully, Dying Consciously

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How can we live our lives fully up to our last moments, and then die well when it is our time to die? The author asks that question as she helps four terminally ill people – a botanist, an artist, a naturalist and an opera singer – prepare for death. She tells of their experiences – and her own – as each declines physically and emerges spiritually.

This book explores how we can learn to accept our own mortality and in the process, discover what it means to love. By loving, we may glimpse a many-dimensioned universe wherein life and death are part of the same glorious Whole.


Fall, 2006

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The energy matrix of the universe is in constant motion. This novel is about the attractive force of the universe as it plays out in human lives. Falling in love is the theme, and ecstasy is the vibration.


In collaboration with Duncan Campbell
Four Seasons in the Life of a Man with AIDS

My work with people preparing to make their passage revolves around helping them make that final statement about themselves that sums up their life journey. It takes many forms, depending upon the person and the illness, and it provides important healing of the heart and soul before the person takes his/her leave. Duncan’s book emerged into the world just as he slipped out of it.



In the FRINGE SERIES, 32-page, lavishly illustrated card-books on esoteric subjects. In collaboration with book designer/artist
Sara Glaser.

CROP CIRCLES: Hoax or Happening
1992 - $3.95

Two men in their sixties have claimed the crop circle designs as theirs – a hoax dreamed up over a pint at the pub. But single circles, over the decades, have become complex works of art on the grand scale, appearing by the hundreds all over the world. They have shown up in snow and pine trees and rice paddies, as well as fields of grain.

Never has anyone been caught making them – except those avowed to be hoaxes – and never has a single careless footprint appeared near a newly formed design. What’s going on here?


2001 - $8.95

This is an update of the earlier Crop Circle book, published by a different Press in a slightly larger format. The production was done sloppily, I’m afraid. However it contains interesting new information and pictures, as of 2001.

SYNCHRONICITY: The Anatomy of Coincidence
1994, $3.95

C.G.Jung called synchronicities “meaningful coincidences that could not be explained by cause and effect.” But where can we look for explanations?

Like a hunter-gatherer, the author has sought the answers in subjects as diverse as Hermetic philosophy and fractal geometry, Tibetan Buddhism and Jungian psychology, ancient Chinese divination and quantum mechanics, early medieval art and chaos theory. And discovers a host of extraordinary coincidences! The stories of her own experiences of synchronicity bridge the gap between mystical wonder, the New Physics and the ordinary daily life of all of us.

Links: (contains full text of Synchronicity)

DEATH: The Experience of a Lifetime
1997, $3.95
(Single copies available free to Hospice workers and Thanatologists.)

Every one of us, without exception, is going to die. Yet most of us are fearful, in denial or determined to beat the odds. Perhaps there is another way to confront our inevitable destiny. Could we not regard death as one stage of a natural life-death-life cycle in which what we call Death is but one aspect of a larger Life?

Here is a look at the evidence coming from cell biologists, near-death experiencers and wisdom traditions from all over the world.


'Wheel of Life' by Georgianna Greenwood

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