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Psalm 150, Updated

Sing praise for ALL THAT IS
Extending everywhere endlessly
Through Space and through Time.

Sing praise to the farthest outward
reaches of the Cosmos
and to the subtlest inner reaches of Being.

Sing praise to the Galaxies,
With suns and stars and roving planets.

Sing praise to the miracle of matter and life,
To the dense rocks and waters,
To rooted green plants,
To earthbound creatures and winged ones,
To the tiny vastnesses in every atom.

Praise the Grand Universe
With harps and timbrels and flutes;
Praise all existence
With Congas and Gamelons,
Kotos and Gospel choirs.

Give praise with Reggae and Symphonies,
Oratorios and Flamenco guitars;
Strum strings and pipe on pennywhistles,
Strike up the band and let the trombones wail.

Belt out praise with Grand Opera,
Steel bands, Jazz and Blues.
Ring the bells and blow the bagpipes.
Beat the drums and sound the trumpets.

Let everything that has voice
Sing out praise.
To the end of the breath, Sing!
With every single cell, Sing!
Body, mind and spirit, Sing!