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    The healing work that I do is meant to encourage a balance of body, mind and spirit, from the individual and group levels to the planetary and cosmic.

Being the improvisational maverick that I am, I make up all the modalities I can think of and follow my bliss, as Joseph Campbell put it, doing what strikes me as a good idea at the time and taking advantage of the opportunities that invariably come up unbidden from the universe.

Ecstatic experience is the goal of my work, and I see ecstasy as the ultimate healer of all, from the personal to the cosmic.

My modalities are varied but connected, and fall into four basic categories:

1. Movement and Sound
2. Books and other Writing
3. Social Activism
4. Quiltmaking

This website is designed as a medicine wheel in cyberspace. It is the hub of a wheel linking outward to friends, colleagues and innovative enterprises I admire, creating a living web of life-affirming efforts everywhere. My feeling is that every small, local act has an effect on the Whole, just as a spider’s every move makes the whole spider web shimmer.

To contact me: carolyn.north@gmail.com


Link: www.collectivewisdominitiative.org

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